Jackpot on the Saluda River!

Hey Guys, I trust you all had a safe, meaningful, and enjoyable holiday season.  My time off was made more special by the trout I caught on a guided fishing trip with Michael Frank, again.  I was home (Columbia, SC) for the Christmas, so I hired Mike to take me and  buddy out on the […]

The Inching Foot:: A Case of Ignoring Safety

Andrew A. Cox, Associate Newsletter Editor Many anglers pursing this sport realize that fishing and other outdoor activities have a certain element of danger. Some anglers take great care in anticipating potential sources of danger; others pursue the sport with little foresight and may find themselves in potentially dangerous if not life threatening situations. The […]

That was a BIG Fish

NASCAR Bob Chambliss asked Ed and I to go to the AMI on 12/28. It was a pretty cold day with pretty chilly water (around 45). The fishing was pretty good but sporadic, you would go on a run then it would shut down. Saw Ed and NASCAR fishing underneath the bridge and Ed was […]