Atlanta Fly Fishing Club – Second Wednesday of every month

June Meeting will be Online 

No AFFC Meeting at Manuel’s Tavern in June. In place of a face to face meeting, the AFFC’s June Meeting (June 10th) will be a virtual meeting via ZOOM.

Members look for an email, in early June, with the Zoom ID and Meeting Password.
While the State of Georgia is slowly re-opening, restaurants are still limited to small groups and are required to keep six (6) feet of spacing between customers. Manuel’s Tavern is open for take-out, but is not hosting any groups.
I hope everyone is staying safe, following personal distancing guidelines, and finding interesting places to fish this Spring!
Greg Thurlow


If you are not a member and wish to be part of our online meeting you can join here

Upcoming Fly Fishing Talks

The AFFC Officers will determine the status of our June ​meeting ​soon.  We will try and decide by the 15th of each month the status of the next monthly meeting.  Our decision to host or cancel a monthly meeting will be based on the advice and guidelines of national, state, and local health and safety agencies.
The AFFC Officers encourage our members to be safe and follow the personal hygiene and interaction guidelines from
The one item missing from the CDC message is the importance of spending time on the water.  Fly fishing is a good way to self-quarantine—solitude on a trout stream, a lake, or a salt water flats.
See ya’ on the water, but at a rod’s length of distance, please.
Greg and the AFFC Officers


The Atlanta Fly Fishing Club is a member-supported,
non-profit club where members share knowledge and
experiences related to the sport of fly fishing.